Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[STO] Lifetime Subscriptions on sale!

From now until November 12th, you can get a Lifetime Subscription for $199.00!

At that price, you'll only need play 14 months to break even versus having a subscription (normally it'd take 20 months). Don't forget you'll also be getting 500 Zen as a monthly stipend; useful for buying all sorts of goodies, including things you can sell on the Exchange like Master Keys and Fleet Modules. And don't forget Dilithium. Buy goodies, save it up, or buy Energy Credits, whatever you like ^_^

Additionally, Lifetime Subscribers get access to all Veteran's Rewards, regardless of how long they've had their Lifetime sub. So, someone buying a new sub today will have access to the 1,000 Veteran Reward ships. These ships look pretty nice (not as nice as my Atrox, but whatever), and might be a lot of fun to play, so we'll see!

I think this is a nice move on Cryptic's part. Its a good perk, but not overwhelmingly amazing. Its not "must have" from a practical standpoint. Moreover, the Lifetime Subscription is $300 for most of the year; one poster noted that its not especially practical to time-base those rewards for Lifers. They'll get everything eventually, after all, whereas Free players will never get them, and Subscribers have them as a carrot to keep subscribing or to go Life.

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