Friday, October 22, 2010

Weight Watcher's progress

Wow! Been a while! @_@

Week 1 - 220.6lbs
Week 2 - 221.6lbs (+1 lb)
Week 3 - 216 lbs (-5.6 lbs)
Week 4 - 216.6 lbs (+.6 lbs)
Week 5 - 214.8 lbs (-5.8 lbs)
Week 6 - 215.6 lbs (+.8 lbs)
--missed a week
Week 7 - 216.8 lbs (+1.2 lbs)
Week 8 - 215.8 lbs (-1 lb)
Week 9 - 216 lbs (+.2 lbs)
---missed a week
Week 10 - 216.6 lbs (-.4 lbs)
Week 11 - 214.2 lbs (-1.4lbs)

So far I'm 6.4 lbs less than when I started, and losing about .5 lbs a week. Seems good and healthy. Even when I mess up I'm doing better, eating-wise, than before. Trying to get more exercise in as I remember, but its not habitual yet. I've got 4.6 lbs left until I reach my 5% weight loss goal, then its eyes forward to my 10% goal of 22 lbs lost.

I'm pleased with my results thus far, and just need to keep on at it. I've got two more sessions to go before I need to start paying for it again (got 13-weeks from at a discount from my HMO), and I'm considering doing it. What is nice, if not great, is that at my last physical a few weeks ago all my blood test things improved with my bad cholesterol now being in a healthy range. Still working on my blood sugar but that will improve with more exercise. My doctor was quite pleased!

To make things a little easier on myself I bought a little Points calculator (got it half off because it was opened) and a 3-month food journal. I like them and am finding them to be convenient. On top of that I started using a hip-sack/fanny-pack/man-bag I had gotten in Vegas to carry them around conveniently along with my cell phone.

So far, so good! Here's looking forward to future success! At this rate I could be 188.2 lbs by this time next year!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mini-review of Forbidden Island

Last week I picked up a copy of Forbidden Island from my local Borders. I had first heard of it while looking for cooperative games to play with my friends on our Sunday get-together. Its for two to four players and suggested for ages 10 and up. The goal of the game is collect all the treasures on Forbidden Island and escape before the island sinks into the ocean.