Friday, October 12, 2012

[STO] DOFF Investing Experiment.

Based on the article/post I read yesterday on making Energy Credits, I'll be posting an experiment for myself. I took 2 million EC and bought 15 Duty Officer Mini-Packs, leaving me with 25,000 EC. I'll open them all up, and proceed to post them onto the Exchange. Now, I've got 11 existing, salable Duty Officers already, so this won't be exact, but at the same time those DOFFs were free via the Star Fleet Academy recruitment DOFF assignments.
Popping them open, I received:
  • 9 Tactical Officers
  • 2 Security Officers (1 rare!)
  • 5 Engineering Officers
  • 6 Operations Officers
  • 21 Science Officers
  • 5 Medical Officers
  • 12 Civilian Officers

Now, trading in the Rare got me 2 Operations and 1 Science Uncommons. From there, I'm trading my Uncommons into Commons up until I hit my maximum DOFF allotment (100). When I go to post the DOFFs for sale, I will filter by quality, so I'll only see the Commons available to list. When I'm done with that, the remaining Uncommons will be converted into Commons, and then sold.

I did this yesterday, but made a mistake in that I forgot to note my Energy Credits balance to begin with. As such, I don't know how much I made.

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