Monday, October 1, 2012

[STO] Its hard to stock the top-shelf stuff.

Specifically, Dosi Rotgut and Romulan Ale. The fleet I’m in is currently advancing its starbase, and the Bartender project is up on the block. We’re done with everything except filling up on the Dosi and Ale, but getting those two items is not fun or easy.

Both can be obtained through Confiscate Contraband From Crew and Special Reserve duty officer missions, however this is not exactly reliable. The Rotgut can also be a reward for Experimental Development of Cocktails from Tulaberries, and the Ale can also be a drop in Romulan space. Farming Tulaberries and hoping for that mission takes time, and, well, simply shooting up Romulans has to be the least interesting way for me to get anything.

The most reliable way to get either would be to hit up the Exchange, but with prices starting at 200k Energy Credits and rapidly increasing it’s a little unattractive. That said, I've gone through and bought 75 Dosi Rotguts for my fleet, blowing through ~16 million Energy Credits. Now, that's all been earned via DOFF, Master Key, and Unreplicatable Materials sales, so its not like I worked hard for it, but that's still a tidy sum.

On the flip side, my stipend will be hitting soon, so i can go ahead and look forward to more Master Keys sales, plus Fleet Modules. Moreover, with a decent sum of Dilithium in the bank, I can also go through and buy more Uncommon Unreplicatable Materials.

I should be back to where I was soon enough ^_^

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