Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[STO] Top shelf booze and more Uncommons.

Logged during lunch for a quick check of my DOFFs, Dilithium, etc. Out of curiosity, I checked the price of Romulan Ale, as I wanted to buy some more for my Fleet. What was 200k EC was now 1 million EC. Whoops! Should've bought sooner!

I suspect the price skyrocketed due to the newly announced special project for Starbases. The Conference Room and Hunting Bar look great, have wonderful personality, and are taking up a special projects slot. As such, well, people are clearly trying to burn through their current projects which ought account for the pricing. If you've got it, or have some time to play in Romulan space to get it, right now is looking like a wonderful time to be a seller.

After that, I gandered at the Uncommon Unreplicatable Materials pricing. Since I've been keeping my Dilithium rather than selling for Zen right now, I was able to buy a nice batch of it. Reconsidering my pricing, I went with 175k per unit this go around. That's still 25k less than the low end, 75k less than what I felt the "normal" price was (~250k). I divvied everything up again - four stacks of 7, one stack of 5, and 6 single units. That ought bring in 6.825 million.

Older sales I had finally came through, so I'm back over 4 million again. The 25-unit stack of Uncommons was a nice boost, but I think it was too large. Breaking it up into smaller stacks would've gotten everything sold faster.

Looking forward to tomorrow's update!

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