Friday, January 31, 2014

DDP Yoga: Week 5 checkin

A little early this week, considering I haven’t done my Friday training. That said, it’s the end of the month, so I want to see how things have progressed. I began on January 1, 2014, today is January 31, so that’s a good time period, right?

  • Weight: 219.2lbs to 214.8lbs (-4.4)
  • Chest: 42” to 41.75” (-.25”)
  • Waist: 43.5” to 40.5” (-3”)
  • Hips: 46” to 45” (-1”)
  • Thighs: 23” to 22” (-1”)

So, 4.4 pounds lighter, and 5.25” thinner! Not bad, eh? I did forget to include my bicep during my initial measurement, so I’ve had to record it as 14.5” in both the beginning and 30-day spots. Hopefully we’ll see progress there, although I’m not sure what things could/should look like.

I’m getting better at doing the routine in Energy. Since I’m not fumbling about trying to keep up, I can work on doing things better. Last night I started tightening up and engaging muscles I hadn’t before, plus consciously not letting go on things as early as before. For some reason I’m having a little harder time than before, but I’m not sure why. Sometimes its balance, sometimes it’s pushing my heart-rate. A friend suggested that it’s a training related – my heart is getting used to the workload.

So far, so good! And I’ve done DDP four times this week (Monday through Thursday), even though I’m not scheduled. I’m enjoying it. Nice thing is it doesn’t leave me dead tired/dragging after I’m done. Rather, I feel pretty darn good after a little time has passed!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

DDP Yoga: Week 4 check-in

Closing in on the end of my first month, and I'm looking forward my updated measurements.

This week was actually quite good! I did DDP Yoga Energy Monday through Thursday instead of just Monday and Wednesday. Unfortunately, I got busy Friday, so I didn't do Fat Burner on schedule. Wasn't happy about that! So, I did it late this afternoon, and plan to do it tomorrow as well.

What's interesting is I'm looking forward to do DDP Yoga, even on the days I'm unscheduled! When I come home from work, I often excuse myself, head to the garage, and spend the next twenty minutes or so doing yoga.

I'm also finding I'm enjoying my cleaner eating. I felt like I overate Saturday night at my friend's house, even though I kept myself relatively restrained. Not too much spaghetti, but too much garlic bread. Starting next week (haven't been to the store yet) I'll be bring a large salad with me on my Saturday tabletop game nights.

Also, I ate at Wendy's for lunch on Tuesday, and while I subbed a salad for fries? I was overall unsatisfied with the meal. If I do it again, I'll get a full, regular salad. I've had a good salad and chili there before, and that was pretty good. Ideal? Maybe not, but its certainly the lesser of two evils.

So far, so good! I'm looking forward to Month 2! :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

DDP Yoga: Week 3 check-in

I'm on week 3! Yay!

I'm at the point in Energy where I can do a good portion of it without a lot of modification. Some stuff is still difficult, but overall I'm getting the hang of it. Since I'm familiar with it, I can focus more on doing things than how I'm doing things.

Of course, the third session of week 3 changes everything, and Fat Burner brought a good challenge to it. I'll need to learn the routine, get comfortable, and then it should be pretty awesome :)

Eating is going well. I'm not yet 100% compliant with Phase 1 eating, but that said? I'm eating more vegetables and cleaner than I have in a long time. Possible ever as an adult.

So, from the 223lbs I was around December 20th when I ordered the DVDs and started working on Phase 1's menu, to January 1st's 219lbs? I'm now 215lbs. So, total of 8lbs lost over the course of 5 weeks, and only 3 weeks of which actually had me doing DDP Yoga and dietary changes at the same time.

Conversely, I've gained a taste for the healthier eating, a bit more control when eating with friends and family, and more preparation so I don't show up to work without food or a plan/alternative. Additionally, I'm finding the yoga to be challenging and relaxing, which is nice after work.

So far, so good!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

DDP Yoga: Week 2 check-in

Aaaand Week 2 check-in!

I managed to practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday! I'm 95% sure my allergies are being seriously set off by something, so while I wasn't feeling fantastic before, after this morning's session I was pretty beat. Monday and Wednesday were fine, and I actually started doing about 50% of Energy without as much modification on Wednesday. I was surprised by how much of a difference that made in my heart-rate! Wow!

Hopefully the air will clear up or something so I can be back to 100% on Monday.

Eating has been pretty good. Right now I'm having a late breakfast (two eggs, seasoned black beans, and about half a cucumber). Need to find healthy beverages I like, though! Ah well, one step at a time :)

(originally posted on 1/11/14)

DDP Yoga: Week 1 check-in

DVDs? Check.

Heart-rate monitor? Check.

A place to train? Check.

And thanks to some folks at, I've entered a "3-times a week" Challenge, as it seems perfect for a beginner like me :)

So far so good, although I did Energy Wednesday, Thursday, and this morning (Saturday). The rest days seem well placed, but I sort of crammed them in to make the challenge. Well, that and I wanted to do it today!

Little bit of trouble with the heart-rate monitor. Its a Polar FT1, and doesn't always get my heart rate. I don't know if its a bad unit, a poor quality unit, or if I'm doing something wrong (very likely).

Starting Monday I'll start a food diary (yay smartphones), but I've already cleaned up my eating quite a bit since seriously looking into DDP Yoga. So, I've regularly had salads for lunch, my breakfasts have been pretty good (albeit nothing special), and I'm being a bit more restrained at dinner. But, more importantly, I've seriously cut back on my eating out and fast food. Consider me a rehabilitating burger-o-holic! Even when I have gone out, I've not upsized or added fries and a drink.

Baby steps, as Dave Ramsey would say. I didn't get to where I am over-night, and I'm not getting anywhere better overnight. But I am getting there!

(originally posted 1/4/14)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sane reasons to avoid a few food buzzwords

I’ve been working on my diet lately, which has been a good thing. A recent physical had my doctor concerned about my weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc., so changes are in order. But, that said? There’s a few big buzzwords I’ve heard I should avoid – not from my doctor but by friends, the internet, etc.

Mulling it over, some of these things are subject to good ol’ fashioned hysteria. If you listen to the most extreme of voices, they’ll kill you, your dog, and burn down your house (or something along those lines). I can sort of understand some of the more sane things said, but not being a doctor or nutritionist, nor knowing good sources to verify the claims? That’s sort of dangerous, and I don’t want to inadvertently “drink the Kool-Aid,” as it were. So, thinking it over, I’ve come up with the following reasons I'm cutting back on foods with the HFCS, gluten, and dairy..