Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dilithium Tracking 8/22/13


And, just a week later, looks like the market volume has rebounded a bit! Offers to buy Dilithium have gone up. Its interesting in that in the past month and a half offers to buy Dilithium and Zen have been a bit apart. Usually they tend to be a bit closer in volume! Interesting.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dilithium Tracking 8/15/13

Is it? Could it be? Movement! After being so flat and dull for the past few weeks, the Z:D rate has jumped up a bit to 1:115. What could have caused it? Good question. One could hazard a guess, but I suppose I could probably listen to this week's podcast to get a better idea ;)

I'm currently quite interested in the Elachi Lockboxes coming up. The new ships are visually interesting, and the crescent weapons looks very nice. Between them and the Tal Shiar lockbox ships, I'll be busy for a while. Thankfully for me, Master Keys are on sale. If you're looking to buy them, now is a good time to do so provided you're doing so with Zen. Oddly enough, a quick check on the Exchange shows them being 1.49 million EC at a minimum. I suppose the combination of the sale and the Lockbox Special are keeping prices up. Normally, a sale on Keys means the EC price goes down as well.

Of course, that's still price competitive with selling Fleet Ship Modules, which are starting at 5.82 million EC at the moment. Anyhow, onto the data!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dilithium Tracking 8/8/13

Its a nice, quiet week once more. The Z:D rate has been pretty darn steady, trading volume seems good, and a good number of people are making offers for Zen if you're in need for Dilithium right now. Certainly more offers than there's been for a while! There's a new cosmetic project going up for the Fleet Dilithium Mine called "the Motherlode," which might be fun as well.

But for now... onto the data!