Friday, October 19, 2012

[STO] An incredibly unexpected surprise!


Let me present the USS Messing!

I’ve been posting semi-regularly on the Star Trek Online forums. Yesterday, I got an unexpected message from someone on the boards. They told me that they had a D’Kora if I needed one, and to contact them in-game.

Well, I did. Today, my in-game email from them. Expecting an initial asking price for the ship, it instead contained a [Special Requisition Pack - Ferengi D'Kora Ship]. I was not expecting that at all! I immediately replied back with a tremendous thank you, wondering how I could repay them.

I’m still a little floored. While I’m used to this sort of thing from City of Heroes, there’s a fundamental difference between giving someone a rare IO and giving them the top-prize of the Ferengi Lock Box. Specifically, one costs time, but the other? Not only can one attach an in-game currency value to it, one can also attach a real-world value to it! If you go by the Temporal Lockbox odds, for instance, one could estimate the D’Kora being worth around $300 USD!

I’m extreme grateful, and frankly rather humbled by this.


Anyhow, I named it the USS Messing after the beautiful Debra Messing. Amusingly enough, due to the D’Kora’s rather round backside, I considered calling it the USS Kardashian as a joke. But, nah. Other names I considered were the USS Zeta-Jones and the USS Winslet. For this particular character (a Joined Trill), I named all the ships after female celebrities and celebrity chefs I like, so regardless, all of the names were appropriate.

But, yes, thank you again!

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