Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Better measurements.

One trick with dieting is that weight can be a fickle metric. Clothing, hydration, meals in the stomach, use of the bathroom, muscle mass lost or gained, temperature affecting the scale and more can swing things in either direction. As such, my brother has encouraged me to track my progress is more than one way.

In the front of my little journal they actually encourage you to track things two other ways than simple numbers off the scale – body measurements and clothing sizes. This evening a little time was spent with a measuring tape and pen so I could get at least the body measurements handled.

So, as of today?

  • Right upper arm – 14”
  • Waist- 40.5”
  • Hips – 45”
  • Right thigh – 26”

In one month I’ll measure again and hopefully find the numbers to be to my liking!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weight update: progress!

Well, I'm not quite at a monthly check-in here, but progress is being made :p

Week 1 - 220.6lbs
Week 2 - 221.6lbs (+1 lb)
Week 3 - 216 lbs (-5.6 lbs)
Week 4 - 216.6 lbs (+.6 lbs)
Week 5 - 214.8 lbs (-5.8 lbs)
Week 6 - 215.6 lbs (+.8 lbs)
--missed a week
Week 7 - 216.8 lbs (+1.2 lbs)
Week 8 - 215.8 lbs (-1 lb)
Week 9 - 216 lbs (+.2 lbs)
---missed a week
Week 10 - 216.6 lbs (-.4 lbs)
Week 11 - 214.2 lbs (-1.4lbs)
Week 12 - 217 lbs (+2.8lbs)
Week 13 - 214.2 lbs (-2.8lbs)
Week 14 - 210.4 lbs (-3.8 lbs)

My 5% weight loss goal with Weight Watchers is 11lbs (209.6 lbs), so I'm aaaalmost there. After that my 10% goal is 22 lbs or 198.6 lbs. Right now I'm not sure what my ultimate weight goal should be. Certainly, getting under 200 lbs (first time in 5 years) would be good and what the doctor ordered as a minimum, so that'd be good. According to the CDC's BMI calculator thingie (and I know - BMI doesn't take into account bone structure or muscle-mass) a healthy weight range would be 123 to 166 lbs.

For the time being, I think getting under 180 lbs would be good. If I can keep losing about .5lbs a week (which is less than I've been losing, but still) I can probably get to that weight in over a year. I'm curious to see what I'll be like this time next year!