Thursday, December 20, 2012

[STO] Dilithium Tracking 12/20/12


Another week, and there seems to be a significant increase in offers being made.  Its certainly been rising. However, the Z:D Exchange rate is still very low. Will it get better as time goes on? Hopefully. Maybe its different where you’re at, but as of last Friday, the K-12 students here have gotten on winter/Christmas break. I think college students have been off a bit longer.

Myself? Between moving, attempting to try EVE Online and Playdom’s Marvel: Avenger’s Alliance (silly Facebook game), I’ve been having fun. Haven’t done much in the way of fleet events, STFs, etc., simply because I prefer to do those on my desktop computer which is currently boxed away. Of course, when I’m set back up on there, I’ll be installing The Secret World, check out Guild Wars 2’s winter event, etc.

Anyhow, more charts! As always, make of it what you will!

Past 8 Weeks

10/22/2012 158 158 158 158 158 158 157
10/29/2012 157 158 157 157 157 158 157
11/5/2012 158 158 158 159 160 159 159
11/12/2012 159 159 158 156 152 144 143
11/19/2012 143 144 148 146 141 137 130
11/26/2012 125 124 121 121 120 112 112
12/3/2012 111 111 111 110 101 103 103
12/10/2012 103 109 106 105 104 102 103
12/17/2012 102 102 102        


By the day


By the week



  1. There are definitely more offers being put on to sell dilithium than but it just in the last 24 hours.

    I think the price will get into the mid 90s by Christmas. I stopped buying Zen because of the rapid movement the past two days. Definitely excited to get some cheap Zen for the holidays!

    1. They've definitely been on the rise! I wish I could find out what the total amount of Dilithium being offered is compared to what's earned on a daily basis. Ah well...

      Right now is a great time for anyone who wants some extra Zen and is decent at earning Dilithium. And, since you can turn Dilithium and Zen into Energy Credits, its fantastic all around.

    2. Actually, given the price of Master Keys right now, its pretty good time to buy those. Cheaper Zen price translates into cheaper Energy Credit price.