Saturday, December 1, 2012

Farewell, City of Heroes!

On today's radio show, Jonathan asked me to come on for a bit to talk about the closing of City of Heroes. I was there up to the end last night, and watched the Paragon Twitch.TV until they shut off the feed. I'm not a long time player; only started playing in 2005 (around i4 and i5).

I played on Guardian before moving to Freedom a few years later to join a RP group. Eventually a new SG started called the Liberty Alliance, and that was my home group for most of the time. Great, wonderful people!

Stopped playing last year January due to a pinched nerve, and actually stopped playing games for several months. When I recovered, I didn't go back to playing, sadly. However, I did manage to get back to say my goodbyes, provide some closure in plot threads, etc.

Anyhow; here's a video of that part of the radio show. Enjoy! If you want to hear the full show, you can get it from, plus they do live-stream on Saturdays at noon, Hawai'i Standard Time.

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