Saturday, December 8, 2012

[STO] A closer look at the past month

I believe it’s a little too soon to figure much out, however, its still interesting to look at. I’m really looking forward to seeing how things chart out for the rest of the quarter. After the holidays, and things have had time to settle down.

That said? The November 30th changes brought about the ability open your OMEGA box regardless of OMEGA Reputation level (normally you’d have to wait until Tier III), Also, the ability to take on Dilithium-earning Reputation projects at any level rather than waiting for Tier V.

Right now the overall amount being traded is higher than its been in a while, but at the same time the Z:D rate is also lower than I’ve ever seen it. It took a while for prices to come down, so I guess it’ll take a while for them to go back up as well. Certainly the people buying Zen like the current rate, but I’m a little surprised that the volume of people buying Dilithium is so high while at such a unfavorable rate.But, it is the weekend, so that could change on Monday or Tuesday.

Update: A poster on the official Star Trek Online forums pointed out there was a spike in Dilithium purchasing starting November 18th. The poster believed it relates to a 10% bonus to buying Zen at that time. Likewise, there's a special that Cryptic/PWE are having with Ultimate Game Card, so buying a UGC for Zen will get you a 15% bonus to the Zen you buy. This special started December 1st, and will continue til January 31st, 2013. This could be a factor with people buying Dilithium at such a relatively high rate right now.

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