Saturday, December 22, 2012

[STO] Christmas came early!

I play Star Trek Online with friends of mine on Maui. Sometimes we're just chatting online, sometimes we're running fleet actions, sometimes we're doing our own thing. Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised with a $20 Perfect World gift card! What did I do with it?

I bought two 10-packs of Master Keys, of course! Upon opening them? I received:

  • 1 Very Rare Gamma Quadrant Elite Duty Officer
  • 1 2,000 CXP Bonus Pool
  • 2 10,000 CXP Bonus Pools
  • 3 Rare Shield Packs
  • 3 Standard Duty Officer Mini-Packs
  • 4 1,000 Skill Bonus Pools
  • 6 Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer Mini-Packs
  • 151 Lobi Crystals

So, now, I am over 3/4 of the way to my last Ferengi Marauder component. I'm utterly thrilled by this, to say the least. Moreover, looking at the rest of what I got? I've got a nice assortment of marketable items, plus things to help my fleet long.

Merry Christmas, folks!

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