Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[STO] Averages 2/27/13

More playing with numbers! Sometimes I feel like an old druid or something, looking at numerical guts in an attempt to predict the future. Well, not quite. More like looking at the data, all spilled out on the floor, going, “Well, that’s interesting.”

Average Z:D

Average Buying Zen volume



Average Buying Dilithium volume

Average Buying Total Voume



So, what can we see here? I’ll go ahead and say that this is almost like a Rorschach test due to the lack of better information. I’ve never made it a secret that my way of getting data is limited, and is at best the tip of the iceberg. We can’t see the successful transactions, nor can we get a full picture of offerings (ie, entire the 1:25 to 1:500 range).

That said, I think we can say that trading seems to be up, with more offerings being up on the board than before. Now, whether that means the number of successful transactions is up or not is impossible to tell, simply because when the Exchange updates itself, you only see the difference between successful sales and new offers being reflected. If there’s 1,000 successful transactions and 1,005 new offers, then the volume will go up 5 since those are unfulfilled, whereas if it’s the other way round it’d go down 5.

Makes me curious as to what could be done to get Z:D prices to be more pro-Zen (ie, favoring players spending money on Dilithium)? I’m honestly not sure what the “ideal” price is, mind you, and suspect there isn’t one. Dilithium buyers would love to have it be 1:500, but Dilithium sellers might sometimes dream of 1:25...

Is this something you’d like to see on a monthly basis?

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