Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[STO] Dilithium Tracking 2/14/13

Happy Valentine’s Day! This time of year I’d normally be complaining that City of Heroes was rerunning the same event as last year, and that Halloween plus Christmas got all the developer love.


Can’t do that anymore. So, be sure to enjoy your games, whatever they are, while they’re still around. Anyhow, enough of that, and onto the data!


Well, this is pretty neat looking. Volume is up right now, and the total volume is doing pretty darn well from what I’m seeing. Now, that said, I am missing a few days, but I don’t think that would really impact what we’re seeing quite so much...

By the Day

By the Week




Past 8 Weeks

12/24/2012 99 99 99 98 98 92 92
12/31/2012 90 89 90 89 88 87  
1/7/2013 89 90 95 90 89   88
1/14/2013 88 88 87 87 85 85 84
1/21/2013 84 87 90       92
1/28/2013 94 94 92 91 89 89 90
2/4/2013 90 91 91 91 92 91 91
2/11/2013 91 92 91        


  1. How do you think late tier starbases have played into this exchange collapse? Do you expect the dilithium to lose value to the zen after a bulk of fleets get T5 out of the way? Honestly I do unless they come out with something new that is long lasting. Our embassy is in the last project to be T3 and complete. I also didn't see it as a major dilithium sink.

    My fleet is near T5, there are reports of some fleets already being there which seems very likely. Our provision use will pick up after T5 so i expect individual members to be using dil for that, but we are near the end of this journey. That said it seems the starbase has depleted a large reserve of dil from my friends, which really impacts supply with the 8k refinement cap. I never maintained much dil as I used it for Zstore purchases so I dont know what its like to have a reserve of dil.

    I wonder if a crafting fleet holding could be brought out and require common and uncommon unreplicable materials. Very interesting to see how the next several months play out.

    Also could a fleet war be set up like "clan wars" on World of Tanks where you get in game currency (Gold) for territory held.

    1. Don't know. Bases, the expectation for the Reputation system to use Dilithium (didn't happen), and closing previously available exploits all figure in. I do think its a case of "glass half full, glass half empty," type situation.

      I personally have felt its not Dilithium losing value, but rather its priced at a premium. As someone who almost always sells his Dilithium, the current rates are pretty dreamy. Presumably its scarcity, but looking at the volume?I'm not entirely sure. Regardless, someone buying Dilithium with Zen is getting less for their money now than before. Their buying power has gone down due to the exchange rate. Folks who think buying Dilithium is like "pay to win" ought have a bit of Schadenfreude at this fact.

  2. To clarify, 1:500 means Dilithium is worthless. 1:25 means Dilithium is ultra-precious. But, this is only in regards to the exchange. The value of Dilithium earned only matters in relation to its use. There's a lot of stuff with fixed prices, and earning it is back within the dev's Risk/Time vs Reward expectations. I suspect the old Foundry exploitation was the primary drive for the old rates.

    If a player had time, not money, the old rates sorta sucked. Now? Much better. Means my stipend doesn't go quite as far if I want to buy Dilithium, but I typically buy keys with it...