Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dice charts for Space Hulk: Death Angel and Gears of War

One of the coolest parts of any board game would be the custom parts. But, one of the worst parts of any board game would be the custom parts. Particularly custom dice. Why? Because they’re harder to fake having, to improvise. So, as a result, I figured I’d better map the dice on these two games, lest I lose them, the dog eats them, or they go off to the 5th Dimension without me.

Gears of War

  Attack Die Defense Die
1 Omen 2 Shields
2 1 Wound ---
3 1 Wound --
4 1 Wound --
5 2 Wounds 1 Shield
6 -- 1 Shield

You’ll want to use several dice, preferably of different colors, to make this easier. If all you’ve got are the standard white dice with black pips, then maybe a little paint, nail polish, etc., could be used.

Space Hulk: Death Angel

  Combat Die
1 0
2 5
3 1/Skull
4 3/Skull
5 2/Skull
6 4

Now, this is an attempt to exactly map things. The Combat is a little odd in that 0 maps to a regular die’s 3, whereas its 3 maps to the 6. The sides with Skulls on them go around the die along one axis. I suppose you could remap things so 1=1S, 2=2S, 3=3S, and 6=0, although that means the division between results with Skulls (which result in dead Genestealers) and without would be more 50/50 in a hemisphere fashion. As is, the two interconnect, like puzzle pieces. I’m really not sure how that would affect the odds when rolling. While you’d think it’d be 50/50 either way, I’m pretty sure there’s some arcane reason I ‘m not aware of why it’s the way it is.

I suppose someone whose good with probabilities, statistics, etc., could enlighten me. I assume there’s a reason, even if it escapes me. Aaaanyhow…

The best thing here is the simple fact that you can use common 6-sided dice if you should lose your custom dice. Sadly, so far as I can tell, Fantasy Flight Games don’t sell replacement dice, so if you need more, well, you might be out of luck. They’re fun games, and will hopefully provide you with years of entertainment.

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