Friday, February 1, 2013

[STO] 2/1/13 Dilithium Tracking


First off, let me apologize for missing a few days recently. In the general scheme of things, it should be okay since I’m more trying to track trends than anything else, but I’m still disappointed with myself. I’ve got my desktop back up and running, though, so hopefully everything will back to normal soon.

Now, I did find an interesting little something the other day. Dan Stahl did an interview at Massively about the state of the game. From the interview (emphasis added):

[M} There are players who feel the economy in the game has taken a severe hit due to the addition of the Romulan and Omega reputation system now competing for dilithium with fleet starbase and embassy construction. What may need to be done to address possible re-balancing?

[DS]We continually balance and adjust drop rates of Dilithium in game to ensure that the economy is going strong. We monitor transactions daily and chart exchanges and rates. We can now say that thanks to all of the balancing we've done since Season 7 launched, players are earning as much Dilithium now as they ever have and the exchange rate is in favor of Dilithium so we feel this is a win-win for captains in the game looking to get the best value for their time.

So, it seems to me that their goal has been always been for the Dilithium Exchange to be a place for surplus Dilithium, or Dilithium obtained for the purpose of selling. Players who played more, or were just super (but not exploitively) efficient, could sell their surplus to players with more money than time or desire to earn Dilithium. With the removal or nerfing of many exploit-level (ie, the risk/time to reward ratio was horrible skewed) avenues of earning Dilithium, the playerbase did react negatively, asking for more ways to get Dilithium. Without their internal numbers, I can’t guess what they wanted to see, but after adding/buffing ways to earn Dilithium with appropriate risk/time to reward? It seems they’re happy. As am I, really. But then, I earn Dilithium to sell it to other players. My D’Kora now has all three parts of the Marauder set because I’ve been buying keys to get Lobi.

Anyhow, on with the data!

Past 8 weeks

12/3/2012 111 111 111 110 101 103 103
12/10/2012 103 109 106 105 104 102 103
12/17/2012 102 102 102 102 102 99 100
12/24/2012 99 99 99 98 98 92 92
12/31/2012 90 89 90 89 88 87  
1/7/2013 89 90 95 90 89   88
1/14/2013 88 88 87 87 85 85 84
1/21/2013 84 87 90       92
1/28/2013 94 94 92 91      


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