Saturday, February 2, 2013

[STO] Averages!

I’ve recently been wondering about how the market has been doing. Its all well and good to look at charts, but sometimes it’s a bit much to take in at once. So, I decided to break my combined chart down into its independent pieces. I also put in a line with the average over the measured period. While not exactly a baseline, its still a useful thing to see. So, as such, we’ll be looking at:

  • Zen:Dilithium Exchange Rate
  • Top 5 trading pools for buying Zen volume
  • Top 5 trading pools for buying Dilithium volume
  • Top 10 trading pools volume

We’ll be covering the period from September 19, 2012 until February 2, 2013.


The lower the rate, the more pro-Dilithium it is. So, if you’re earning Dilithium and want to get Zen? This is in your favor. If you’re wanting to spend Zen to buy Dilithium? This isn’t going to be ideal for you, although the difference amplifies the more you buy.


Looking at the top 10 trading pools, you’ll see a wide range for most of it, with more recent points being a narrower range, but more fluctuation. Now, if you look around November 12th? THere’s a prolonged drop in trading. That coincides with Season 7 being launched; there were new Starbase projects, fixing of exploits, etc. There were two upward adjustments from the developers on November 21st and 30th to increase Dilithium rewards, including the ability to start doing Reputation projects to convert Reputation into Dilithium. From there, things have seemed to steady out, which seems good to me, but I could be wrong (again, not an economist).


Breaking things down a bit: here we see the average volume of offers in the top 5 pools for buying Zen. There’s a giagantic spike that’s throwing things off, although I’m really not sure how to get Excel to exclude the most extreme entries.


Here we see the average volume of offers in the top 5 pools for buying Dilithium. Be it someone buying it with cash or stipend, its here. For whatever reason there wasn’t a gigantic spike like the Zen buyers had on Octoboer 30th, 2012. What’s interesting is they seem to keep a similar range (if you ignore the 30th), keeping their highs around 600k.


And everything in total. What do I make of this? I’m not sure. Honestly, this is only a small bit of time in the life of the Exchange. But, its definitely speculation fodder. What I can say, however, is that there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between the Z:D rate and the total volume being sold.


  1. Too bad you can't access the number of players online at a time. I wonder if prices are mostly influenced by events as such where you have a focus on stfs or other dilithium producing missions that offer perks during a time frame.

    Finally I would recommend running the excel spreadsheet and just omit that 1,000,000 value. See what it looks like, without going into the stats, I think you could replace it with the average buying zen volume without that spike.

    Again thanks for all these posts I really enjoy them and pass them along to friends and fleetmates every chance I get.

    1. The trick is if I could get the data, I'd still be mostly guessing ;)

      Seriously though - I'd love to have access to all the dev's data plus have someone there to explain it to me. This sort of thing is fascinating, you know? :D