Friday, May 3, 2013

Game Dev Tycoon: your first combos

Game Dev Tycoon is available for a variety of platforms, and is just a great little game. No DRM, even! I’ll be posting impressions later on, but for now? A little something to help you along!
When you make a new combination of game type and genre, you get a  New Combo x.2 bonus for it. But, if it’s a Great Combo? Add in another .2. You’ll go from x1 to x1.2 to x1.4!

To help you out, I sat down and went through the first six genres and available combinations I’ve found so far. Use the garage studio to experiment; each genre and game style has things they like during development. As such, go through the various combinations, figure them out, regardless of whether they're a one-time bonus or not. It'll help in the long run.
Fantasy + Action = Great Combo
Fantasy + Adventure = Great Combo
Fantasy + RPG = Great Combo
Fantasy + Simulation = no bonus
Fantasy + Strategy = Great Combo
Fantasy + Casual = no bonus
Racing + Action = no bonus
Racing + Adventure = no bonus
Racing + RPG = no bonus

Racing + Simulation = Great Combo
Racing + Strategy = no bonus
Racing + Casual = Great Combo
Sports + Action = Great Combo
Sports + Adventure = no bonus
Sports + RPG = no bonus

Sports + Simulation = Great Combo
Sports + Strategy = no bonus
Strategy + Casual = Great Combo
Military + Action = Great Combo
Military + Adventure = no bonus
Military + RPG = no bonus
Military + Strategy = Great Combo
Military + Simulation = Great Combo
Military + Casual = no bonus
Medieval + Action = Great Combo
Medieval + Adventure = Great Combo
Medieval + RPG = Great Combo
Medieval + Simulation = no bonus
Medieval + Strategy = no bonus
Medieval + Casual = no bonus
Space + Action = Great Combo
Space + Adventure = no bonus
Space + RPG = no bonus

Space + Simulation = Great Combo
Space + Strategy = Great Combo

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