Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[STO] I'll be getting 11 free Duty Officers.

More than a few people have been lamenting the General Recruitment Duty Officer assignment now requires 1,000 Dilithium to complete. While a nice pack of DOFFs, its not the only way to get more Duty Officers. What you're paying for is convenience and relative speed to obtain; the two go hand in hand.

  • Buying Duty Officer Packs in the Zen Store is the fastest (practically instant), but most expensive route.
  • General Recruitment costs 1,000 Dilithium, but takes a day to get the reward. Also has a cooldown.
  • Departmental Recruitment and Cultural Exchange Duty Officer assignments take two days, but are free. There is a cooldown for those as well.

If you're not in a rush, you can recruit 11 free Duty Officers at Star Fleet Academy. Should you get a critical success on the Cultural Exchanges, you can get two more per critical. For those on a budget, not interested in spending additional money, or whatever, this represents a great means to get Duty Officers for use on your ship, to donate to your Fleet, and more.

Federation players will find this useful resource at Star Fleet Academy, whereas Klingon players will go to the Klingon Academy. You'll find three different species at each offering Cultural Exchanges, and a personnel officer who can do the various departmental recruitment.


  1. There are some advanced techniques, too. You can trade refugees for useable DOffs with Asylum assignments. There are also four Officer Exchange assignments for each faction in the Cardassian sectors, but they're only available after completing the Consular Authority chains. These Exchange assignments trade one DOff you have for a random DOff. I only trade away white and green DOffs on Officer Exchange assignments, because most of the time I just get a white or green back, but occasionally I get a blue or purple.

    1. Fantastic! I didn't know about those :)

      Its great having multiple options, fast or slow.