Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[STO] Z:D Exchange Traffic

Update: Chart revised! Took out period where I wasn’t tracking everything, and managed to add the Z:D price chart into it. Its showing the trends/movement of the price, and is there for reference.

Season 7 has been out for a while now, and I felt it was a good idea to bring out another chart. What is it this time? The overall volume of the market!


What is this? When I get the daily Z:D prices, I also record the top 5 buying and selling lots. Now, this does not show the value of the Z:D market, just how much is flowing through it. For instance, Tuesday, October 30th had a tremendous spike in traffic, with prices around 1:158. Thursday, September 27, was a incredibly low volume day when prices were 1:165.

The obvious question is, is this due to price?

Well, hard to say. Prices have been pretty constant overall, but obviously things had been trending downward if you go by volume. Once Season 7 debuted on November 13? There prices of Dilithium started going up by a fair amount as supply went up for a bit (returning players), but then dropped down again. Presumably this is from players depleting their supplies of surplus Dilithium, and keeping it for themselves. Also, the infamous “clickie” exploit missions on the Foundry were addressed, which further reduced surplus Dilithium entering the Exchange.

Cryptic announced on November 20th that they would have incoming changes to help address the Dilithium supply. The first of which was released on Friday, November 23, and the next one will be this Friday, November 29. Will these work? I don’t know! Here’s hoping. I believe there will be an increase in Dilithium earned, but I simply don’t know if it’ll make it to the marketplace. Right now is a great time to sell, but I did like the price of Dilithium to be a little bit lower.

This will definitely be a long term thing to watch, and I must say I’d love to see Cryptic’s data-mining on the topic.

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