Saturday, February 15, 2014

Inexpensive Reball target/catcher

If you play paintball, you know that paint isn’t cheap. It might be inexpensive, but its never cheap. I recently bought 100 GXG reballs so I could practice shooting my marker at home. What is a reball? Basically it’s a rubber paintball – they’re reusable!

But, in order to use them, I needed something to both shoot at and to collect the reballs. So, This was a simple project that only took a few minutes to complete, and was done very inexpensively. My total, pre-tax, was $21.85!

All I needed was obtained at my local mega-mart.

  • Mainstays garment rack, $11.47
  • 4-pack of spring clamps $4.64
  • Large blanket $5.74
  • Cardboard box (from the garage) free

Assembling the garment rack was trivially easy by following the directions in the box. I folded the top of the blanket over itself, and used the clamps like giant clothes pins to attach the blanket to the rack. Again, easy.


You’ll want to put the ends of the blankets along the ends of the clothes rack. This will give it a good amount of slack, enabling you to create folds in the blanket. You don’t want the blanket to be taut – if it is the reballs are more likely to bounce. The folds will give, helping absorb the kinetic energy from the reballs.


It almost looks like a stage curtain! You’ll want to place the other clips along to the top to make those folds. I will probably see if I can find a bigger box later, but overall this works well.


While some bounced, many of the reballs ended up in the catcher as intended. I’ll need to adjust and tweak it, but overall? Hey, its easy, its quick, its inexpensive.

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