Friday, February 7, 2014

DDP Yoga: Week 6 check-in

Huzzah! As of this morning I weighed 212.2lbs. Why is that such a big deal? Because when I started everything and ordered DDP Yoga back in mid-December, I was 223lbs!

Today I've crossed the 10lb mark!

Also, that's 7lbs since I started doing the yoga on January 1st. So ~3lbs was lost by diet alone! I'm quite thrilled with this, obviously.

I've been doing Fat Burner more often in the program, and its definitely challenging again. I can do Energy! with no modifications on a good day, and even do it with my glasses off. Its nice being able to focus on doing instead of "what am I supposed to be doing again?" I'll get there with Fat Burner soon enough.

I'm happy! I'm enjoying it! I'm doing DDP Yoga five times a week after work, as its stress relieving. I generally feel pretty good after, and dinner tastes better when I'm done.

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