Friday, October 22, 2010

Weight Watcher's progress

Wow! Been a while! @_@

Week 1 - 220.6lbs
Week 2 - 221.6lbs (+1 lb)
Week 3 - 216 lbs (-5.6 lbs)
Week 4 - 216.6 lbs (+.6 lbs)
Week 5 - 214.8 lbs (-5.8 lbs)
Week 6 - 215.6 lbs (+.8 lbs)
--missed a week
Week 7 - 216.8 lbs (+1.2 lbs)
Week 8 - 215.8 lbs (-1 lb)
Week 9 - 216 lbs (+.2 lbs)
---missed a week
Week 10 - 216.6 lbs (-.4 lbs)
Week 11 - 214.2 lbs (-1.4lbs)

So far I'm 6.4 lbs less than when I started, and losing about .5 lbs a week. Seems good and healthy. Even when I mess up I'm doing better, eating-wise, than before. Trying to get more exercise in as I remember, but its not habitual yet. I've got 4.6 lbs left until I reach my 5% weight loss goal, then its eyes forward to my 10% goal of 22 lbs lost.

I'm pleased with my results thus far, and just need to keep on at it. I've got two more sessions to go before I need to start paying for it again (got 13-weeks from at a discount from my HMO), and I'm considering doing it. What is nice, if not great, is that at my last physical a few weeks ago all my blood test things improved with my bad cholesterol now being in a healthy range. Still working on my blood sugar but that will improve with more exercise. My doctor was quite pleased!

To make things a little easier on myself I bought a little Points calculator (got it half off because it was opened) and a 3-month food journal. I like them and am finding them to be convenient. On top of that I started using a hip-sack/fanny-pack/man-bag I had gotten in Vegas to carry them around conveniently along with my cell phone.

So far, so good! Here's looking forward to future success! At this rate I could be 188.2 lbs by this time next year!

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