Friday, July 26, 2013

Resuming my routine.

Ah, the joys of starting back at square one…

I’m going to have to thank my friend John for introducing me to Maui Paintball back in March. I hadn’t played paintball in nearly two decades, and its so much different now than it was back then! Which is fair! I’m certainly a lot different than back then too.

So, I’ve been going at least once a month since then, participated in two tournaments with Team Scrat (a more wonderful bunch of lunatics I do not know), and even got my mom to play. But, I really have to thank paintball for one thing more than anything else – its getting me to exercise.

Paintball itself is pretty active. You’re in position, holding steady, sprinting, running, sliding, and more. Great stuff. But, I was about 220lbs when I started, so that really needed to go down. Now, I’ve been on (and cheating on) Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body Slow Carb Diet for a while, but really needed more. Hence, more exercise.

Enter The Kettlebell has returned to active use in my life. What am I doing? Right now I’m working on the warmups for the beginner level stuff. Nothing super impressive when you look at it.

I’ve been warming up with Pumps. Currently doing two sets of 1:30, with minute rests in between. It’s a bit harder than I thought it would be, but that’s life.

Tough part right now is consciously keeping my shoulders in tight, pulled into the sockets.
After that it Face The Wall squats. I’m using my kettlebell rather than a large plate like this impressive fellow. Again two sets of 1:30.

I’ve got this second because I want my arms to rest a bit after the Pumps.
Last, but not least, would be the Kettlebell Halos. This is the hardest of the three, but I’m starting to get it. Two sets of 1:30, resting a minute between each.

So far so good!

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