Friday, January 31, 2014

DDP Yoga: Week 5 checkin

A little early this week, considering I haven’t done my Friday training. That said, it’s the end of the month, so I want to see how things have progressed. I began on January 1, 2014, today is January 31, so that’s a good time period, right?

  • Weight: 219.2lbs to 214.8lbs (-4.4)
  • Chest: 42” to 41.75” (-.25”)
  • Waist: 43.5” to 40.5” (-3”)
  • Hips: 46” to 45” (-1”)
  • Thighs: 23” to 22” (-1”)

So, 4.4 pounds lighter, and 5.25” thinner! Not bad, eh? I did forget to include my bicep during my initial measurement, so I’ve had to record it as 14.5” in both the beginning and 30-day spots. Hopefully we’ll see progress there, although I’m not sure what things could/should look like.

I’m getting better at doing the routine in Energy. Since I’m not fumbling about trying to keep up, I can work on doing things better. Last night I started tightening up and engaging muscles I hadn’t before, plus consciously not letting go on things as early as before. For some reason I’m having a little harder time than before, but I’m not sure why. Sometimes its balance, sometimes it’s pushing my heart-rate. A friend suggested that it’s a training related – my heart is getting used to the workload.

So far, so good! And I’ve done DDP four times this week (Monday through Thursday), even though I’m not scheduled. I’m enjoying it. Nice thing is it doesn’t leave me dead tired/dragging after I’m done. Rather, I feel pretty darn good after a little time has passed!

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