Saturday, January 25, 2014

DDP Yoga: Week 4 check-in

Closing in on the end of my first month, and I'm looking forward my updated measurements.

This week was actually quite good! I did DDP Yoga Energy Monday through Thursday instead of just Monday and Wednesday. Unfortunately, I got busy Friday, so I didn't do Fat Burner on schedule. Wasn't happy about that! So, I did it late this afternoon, and plan to do it tomorrow as well.

What's interesting is I'm looking forward to do DDP Yoga, even on the days I'm unscheduled! When I come home from work, I often excuse myself, head to the garage, and spend the next twenty minutes or so doing yoga.

I'm also finding I'm enjoying my cleaner eating. I felt like I overate Saturday night at my friend's house, even though I kept myself relatively restrained. Not too much spaghetti, but too much garlic bread. Starting next week (haven't been to the store yet) I'll be bring a large salad with me on my Saturday tabletop game nights.

Also, I ate at Wendy's for lunch on Tuesday, and while I subbed a salad for fries? I was overall unsatisfied with the meal. If I do it again, I'll get a full, regular salad. I've had a good salad and chili there before, and that was pretty good. Ideal? Maybe not, but its certainly the lesser of two evils.

So far, so good! I'm looking forward to Month 2! :)

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