Thursday, January 16, 2014

DDP Yoga: Week 1 check-in

DVDs? Check.

Heart-rate monitor? Check.

A place to train? Check.

And thanks to some folks at, I've entered a "3-times a week" Challenge, as it seems perfect for a beginner like me :)

So far so good, although I did Energy Wednesday, Thursday, and this morning (Saturday). The rest days seem well placed, but I sort of crammed them in to make the challenge. Well, that and I wanted to do it today!

Little bit of trouble with the heart-rate monitor. Its a Polar FT1, and doesn't always get my heart rate. I don't know if its a bad unit, a poor quality unit, or if I'm doing something wrong (very likely).

Starting Monday I'll start a food diary (yay smartphones), but I've already cleaned up my eating quite a bit since seriously looking into DDP Yoga. So, I've regularly had salads for lunch, my breakfasts have been pretty good (albeit nothing special), and I'm being a bit more restrained at dinner. But, more importantly, I've seriously cut back on my eating out and fast food. Consider me a rehabilitating burger-o-holic! Even when I have gone out, I've not upsized or added fries and a drink.

Baby steps, as Dave Ramsey would say. I didn't get to where I am over-night, and I'm not getting anywhere better overnight. But I am getting there!

(originally posted 1/4/14)

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