Thursday, March 21, 2013

Legacy of Romulus and Z:D hits 1:100.

For the first time since December, we've hit triple digits. Will it go higher? Maybe, we'll see. I suspect today's announcement of Legacy of Romulus, the next update/expansion, will have people trying to hold on to Dilithium, but that doesn't quite explain what's going on. If anything, hoarding should cause people to pay more for Dilithium, right?

On the other hand, it could also be that people are holding off buying it for the time being. Without as many people willing to pay a premium for Dilithium, the people who are buying want a little more for their Zen than they've been getting. Which, honestly, is reasonable. Also, I sort of wonder if this will signal a pre-update lull for the game, while folks decide to hold off playing as much until the update comes out.

The new update will be free, but will likely have a sizeable addition to the Z-Store. I've got friends already noting they'll need to buy more character slots, more ship slots, etc. I'm not a big player for alts in the game, but I could easily see myself wanting to get more ships. If anything, I've been turning into Jay Leno in-game.

Should be interesting! Supposedly the KDF and new Romulan faction will have a 1-50 content spread, which is good. Cryptic hired one of the writers from City of Heroes, so this ought be good. I wish they'd pick up Matt Miller and Melissa Bianco, as they were two of my favorite devs from Paragon Studios...

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