Thursday, September 13, 2012

[STO] Dilithium tracking 9/13/12

Another week has come and gone, and here we are again! So far prices have been pretty stable, so I’m not sure why the prices during the week of August 27 were so high. How has the past week fared? Tracking is after the break...

Mon Tues Wed. Thur Fri Sat Sun
8/27/2012 160 165 161 156 158
9/3/2012 157 157 157 156 153 152 153
9/10/2012 154 153 154 154

So, I’ve been buying Zen quite a bit at 154 or less, although a flipping opportunity hasn’t seem to have presented itself. Right now I feel like I’m doing well, so if I get a chance to, great, otherwise I’m fine. I’m pretty pleased with my progress. I’m finding using my Federation and Klingon characters together presents me with some great opportunities to make Dilithium (thus Zen) as well as Energy Credits.

Also, I had a small revelation: Since Master Keys for the various lockboxes can be bought using Zen and sold on the Exchange, they can also be bought with Dilithium (albeit indirectly). Either way, you can effectively buy Energy Credits. Now, typically when I’ve read about people buying currency in games, there’s a lot of lamenting about how it messes up the economy and such.

However, I think its also worth pointing out there’s no way to earn those Master Keys in-game. Similarly, opening the Lock Boxes can earn you unique rewards that are also unavailable in-game, such as Lobi Crystals, equipment, and even super-rare ships. Some of them bind, some don’t, and those can be sold on the Exchange seem to find their way onto it.

Z:D ratio  MK EC price  Z:EC D:EC
13-Sep 154          1,600,000               12,800                 83.12

So, instead of waiting for some big drop to sell, I’m planning to make my own luck. Now, my MC EC price is simply what I’d hope to get – its very much on the inexpensive range of the spectrum (they seem to range from 1.6 million to 2 million). If you need some extra Energy Credits, buying a key or two might not be a bad idea. Certainly, some of the trading Duty Officer assignments do require you have 50k on hand, like it or not.

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