Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dilithium to Zen to Credits

Today, Cryptic/Perfect World announced the return of Ferengi and Cardassian lock boxes. Not only have they improved the box winnings overall, there’s a chance that D’Kora Marauders and Cardassian Galor Cruisers will be cheaper on the exchange should their availability increase.

The flip side of this would be that Master Keys are a bit more popular in the Exchange right now! When I took a look, there were a lot of keys being offered for 5 million Energy Credits on the first page alone, with a handful being available under 2 million.

The Master Keys I had on the market were practically steals compared to the others. I sold one at 1.6 million, and three at 1.4 million. So, 500 Zen (a subscriber’s or lifetimer’s monthly stipend) got me 5.8 million Energy Credits! But, I didn’t buy those keys with my stipend! I bought them with Zen bought with Dilithium :D

~77,000 Refined Dilithium, converted at 1:154 rate or better, bought 500 Zen which then bought 5.8 million Energy Credits.

Yes, it takes time. On good days I can get 40-50 Zen, so about two weeks got me enough Zen to make this transaction. But, its pretty steady. If you can make 1,000 Zen in a month, that’s pretty darn good, and gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of how you want to play. Dilithium can’t buy everything. Neither can Zen or Credits. But finding a way to flex all three? There you go! Be it costume pieces, new ships, extra services, or something on the Exchange that costs in the millions, you can find a way to get it if you’re willing to do a little each day!

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