Thursday, August 12, 2010

Second week of Weight Watchers ends tonight - week three begins.

Tonight at 6 p.m. I'll be heading to my Weight Watcher's meeting for my second weigh-in. I started at 220.6lbs, first weigh in was 221.6lbs (+1lb), and tonight? We'll see.

Its been educational thus far, though. The Point tracking via the little food diary has made me a bit more conscious of what I'm eating, that's for sure. Discovering a bit more about how my hunger works has been pretty helpful, and is helping me plan accordingly.

So, today, what am I having for lunch? Jack in the Box.

No, really.

A Sourdough Chicken Club, hold the mayo, plus a small fries and diet Coke. A gruesome 17 points, or half my point allowance for the day. Yes, this is the same guy who was fretting over a Snickers bar having 7 points, which is more than a lunch from Subway.

But I'll tell you what - I've still got a LOT of points left for the rest of the day, especially if I eat sensibly the rest of the day. For a snack today I've got a personal size bag of low-fat popcorn (thank you Orville Redenbacher) plus some Mrs. Dash to go on it. Will very likely have a good amount of veggies with dinner tonight, not too much rice, etc. On top of that? Its been a while since I've had a fast food meal like that, so it actually tasted better than normal. Maybe because its more of a treat this go round instead of something ordinary. Maybe  because I'm not used to the saltiness or the fat. Regardless of why, it was a very good sandwich.

And, well, I've been fighting something the past few days, so its nice to have something a bit more substantial than soup, saimin and liquids, you know?

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